Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Chatler for Facebook?

  1. Start by signing up for a free 28 day trial.
  2. Connect your Facebook page to Chatler. Chatler automatically creates a reply library for you based on past chat conversations.
  3. Download and install Chatler Chrome Extension.
  4. Go to your Facebook Page Inbox and sign-in to Chatler extension. It will automatically appear in the right side of the screen.

Is Chatler a chatbot?

Chatler is not a chatbot. It helps human chat agents with reply recommendations.

It wont send anything automatically, Chatler only recommends replies to you.

Does Chatler send automatic replies?

It won’t send anything automatically, Chatler only recommends replies to you.

You can use it also if your chatbot got confused and you have to take over conversations manually.

How does Chatler recommend?

Chatler uses machine learning techniques to select the best fitting replies from your reply library as a reply to your incoming messages.

How does Chatler work?

Check out this article to find out how Chatler works:

How is Chatler different than Manychat?

Chatler is a reply recommendation tool. It does not reply automatically. The control stays with the user.

Best to be deployed when bots cannot handle the conversations any more.

What is Chatler exactly?

Chatler is a machine learning powered reply recommendation tool for chat agents.

Is Chatler language independent?

Chatler is language independent. You can use it in any language.

Can I use Japanese language?

Yes, you can! Chatler is language independent.

Do you have Chatler for mobile?

We don’t have a mobile version yet.

Can I integrate Chatler with my CRM / Livechat product?

You can access the API documentation here:

How can I sign up?

You can sign up and try it with your Facebook Page here:

How many topics/replies can I have?

You can have unlimited library topics / and replies.

How much does your service cost?

We offer you 28 days of free trial. If you are satisfied with the service the monthly fee for one user and one Facebook page will be 9.99 USD.

We have a seat/month pricing model. The exact price depends on the number of seats you want to buy.

Is there a team version?

Bigger teams can also use Chatler.

Each team member has to sign-up individually and connect Facebook page.

Team members of the same Facebook page will see the same reply library.

The library size per page can be unlimited?

You can have unlimited library topics / and replies.

What functions does the plugin Chatler in Google Chrome?

The Chrome extension helps to access your chat library quickly and recommends relevant replies.

How much time will Chatler save me?

We can reduce time spent on sending frequently used replies by 60%.